What’s This All About

Warning!  This blog is my humble attempt to break free of the chains of bureaucracy and the fear of losing a teaching job and finally TELL THE TRUTH.  I fully intend to tell it all.  Teachers have been held hostage for far too long.  I am tired of watching people take charge and initiate revolutions all over the world, while I sit back joining the thousands of public school teachers who whine all year long, but never unite or stand up for education — as it should be.

Parents, politicians, educators, and students!  Take note!

Whenever there is a problem in education, twenty times out of 10 teachers are being held responsible.  Americans it seems, are hard-wired to ferociously seek someone to blame, and the target tends to be teachers.

I have been serving students for nine years, nine very long years.  They were years where I met students who changed my life, inspired me, and helped me keep my faith in education and why I teach.  There are some wonderful children out there, as well as some wonderful parents.  I have also been fortunate to meet incredibly dedicated and imaginative teachers.

However, within those gooey layers there lives parasites, leeches, and other forces of destruction, who are driven by ambition, greed, and the need to rise in their careers and they are the ones to blame.  They are the ones who have prevented teachers from teaching, with their endless paper trails, edicts, and directives.

So, let’s get started on my journey.  I will share with you MY perspective, my experiences, and then you can figure out the solutions, if that is even possible.

Let’s go.


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