Is the End of the Mayan Calendar Really the Collapse of Life As We Know it?

Posted: December 15, 2012 in From Student to Teacher
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December 21st.  It seems to me that everyone has heard about this eventful date.  It’s right around the corner.

My favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, says that the world is not going to abruptly end, as so many suspect.  Nevertheless, end of the world soldiers are hastily preparing for the apocalypse and stocking their hiding places deep under the ground.

What if?

What if in the wisdom of the Mayan’s enumerations and calculations, it’s not a literal “end of the world,” but rather, a metaphor, a big fat mockingjay pin that represents a breakdown.

A breakdown in the fibers of the world.

A divergence from unity, from brotherhood, from family values, and ethics.

A catalyst signalling a subtle yet staggering shift in focus, in theories, in perspectives, toward a darker, more Harrison Bergeron, Orwellian, Ayn Rand setting.  What’s that short story, I believe by a South American man, about the futuristic, very censored government run society, about a guy and a letter either for the girl or by the girl, and he’s a loyal government employee who zealously does his job reading letters and marking “problematic” ones???  I can’t remember the name of the story or the author to save my life…rats!

There have been several senseless and inexplicably horrible events locally, and around the world that might just point in that direction.

I woke up, after a dismal and restless night, having nightmares that combined several different violent events that happened with some that hopefully never will, and this song was stuck in my head.  It still is.


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