Parents: Listen to Romney’s Comments…Our Country Needs You!

Posted: November 7, 2012 in From Student to Teacher
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It was a trying day yesterday.  Although I dreamed the night before that Obama had won his campaign, I still felt jittery from the nervous excitement floating in the atmosphere.  Furthermore, it was another teacher work day (they just had one less than ten days ago) so my second grader was home all day, and she had a headache.  And then there’s the two-year-old.  Number six.  I’ve finally analyzed it from several different angles and come to the realization that I just don’t have the same energy and patience that I did in my twenties, when I had four children by the time I was 27.

How many ways can you say fertile????

Consequently, it was becoming difficult to stay awake to see the results from the election.  My television was tuned to CNN, of course.  Every time they announced, “Wait. Here’s a fresh NEW PROJECTION,” I sat up a little straighter, and the sleep fled for a few more minutes. I missed Romney’s concession speech, but managed to catch up this morning.

I was impressed with Mr. Romney’s graciousness.  He maintained his focused political rhetoric with precision, thanking all the right people.  But what struck me as profound were his comments on the family.  I’ll put the link below if anyone wants to see it for themselves, but he essentially advised the country with these words:

We look to our parents…for in the final analysis, everything depends on the success of our homes…”

This is the link if anyone has yet to hear his speech:–election.html

This reminded me of something I witnessed over the weekend.  My daughter’s school had organized a Fall Play Day, which featured the typical bouncing apparatus, face painting and fun for elementary school kids, and thinning wallets for the parents.  But since it was a fundraiser, we looked at it as a win-win.

So we trudged to the school, eager to let the kids wear themselves out playing on a delicious Fall day.  As the afternoon progressed, we realized the event wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, primarily because the long lines made it frustrating for the kids to enjoy the bouncing machines or the face painting, or the balloon making activities.

Finally, when we had reached the threshold of our patience, we allowed the kids to wait in a relatively short line for the bouncing machine.  It was being manned by a mother who clearly had no discernible spine.  The kids ahead of my child were bouncing for at least ten minutes and when she tried to tell them it was time to get out, they moaned and whined, “We don’t want to.”  So she acquiesced and they jumped for an even longer period of time.

My polite and pasty smile was rapidly disappearing, as the mom “in charge” tried to laugh it all off to the crowd of kids and parents waiting.  Finally, everyone else had gotten off the apparatus but one young boy, who was probably five years old.  The MIC and the PTA mom and the child’s mom all tried to cajole the child, to no avail.

We were about to take our daughter and go home, when the begging mothers came up with a surefire plan to get the boy out of the bouncing machine.  He had reduced himself to a bawling puddle of snot in the net, but he told them if everybody outside turned around, he would get out.

Yes, that’s right.  This child basically manipulated the entire scene, and we, perfect strangers to all these people, were told to turn around so we couldn’t see him, so he could get out.  I was disgusted and irritated and exasperated all at the same time.  It was absolutely ridiculous.

What the heck is the matter with parents today?  Who is in charge here?  I have witnessed this type of situation so often in this town and other places where I have lived and it is sheer insanity.

Who is in charge of the kids today?  I don’t have all the answers and I’m the antithesis of the perfect parent.  This I am certain is true.  But common sense tells us that kids who are in diapers, kids who can’t write a complete sentence yet, kids who haven’t read a book that’s longer than 15 pages, perhaps shouldn’t be in charge of their parents, the ADULTS.

So, I was impressed with Mitt Romney’s comments on America and where we need to go from here, now that the election is done.  He is absolutely on point with his comment about parents.

Step up parents.  Stop letting your child tell you what to do, or what they want to do, or what they don’t want to do.  We won’t look at you any differently if you say no in public.  Parents today seem so afraid to let one stray hair out of place, or let the public see their smiles falter momentarily as they try to be firm with their kids, and it is resulting in some really confused kids who grow up to be angry teenagers, and domineering adults.


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