This is How You Know Standardized Testing Has Gone Too Far!!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in From Student to Teacher
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Following the news about the Chicago Teachers Strike, I found other interesting things to read about education in general, which only served to confirm that leaving the teaching profession was the best thing for so many reasons.  How to conquer this behemoth?

Here’s a very entertaining, but slightly frightening, bit of satire for your weekend cup of coffee.  I enjoyed (I think!).

The Tiniest Test Takers by

The caption reads: Pearson-provided sonogram of 
fetus taking ELA exam. Sadly,
test scores prove fetus is merely average.

Image courtesy of

Here’s the piece:

I read another article in the Washington Times which focused on the deluge of standardized testing on kindergartners in other states in this country.  I think I’ll stop reading for the night.  Why aren’t we challenging the presidential candidates on the absolute dire necessity of addressing education in this nation?  It’s depressing and frightening as a mother.  It is terrifying as a citizen of this nation that I love.

  1. LWP Elle says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very funny… in a depressing kind of way 😉

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